How to mine Radiant (Sha512256d) on Windows

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Use the power of your computer’s hardware to earn mining rewards!


This guide will be a simple and basic walk-through for new or inexperienced window users to begin mining for the first time. You will setup a wallet to store your Radiant coins, prepare windows, download the mining software and then use the interface on Zergpool to view your mining earnings.

Zergpool is a pooled mining service which offers a range of payout options, such as Bitcoin, Monero or Litecoin — but also allow users to get paid out in Radiant as well. Mining with a pool is recommended for most users, especially if you have something like a laptop or just not many graphics cards. By mining shared with the pool, you get part of the block working together with other miners. You get a percent of the block based on the weight and values of the shares your computer hardware delivers to the pool, based on its overall efficiency.

Radiant is a decentralized crypto currency with no central authority. As a miner you are maintaining the ledger ensuring transactions are legitimate and also getting rewarded for your effort. This means you have an easy and low-risk way to gain exposure and equity in most cryptocurrencies, simply using the power of your own computer!

Creating your wallet

If you have not already and would like to setup a radiant wallet — you can find the official electrum release below:

Remember to store your seed words OFFLINE! Do not take a picture of the seed words or store your seed words on your computer or phone. Write them down, make backups and remember where you stored them.

As a wallet owner, you are the sole custodian of your own funds, if you fail to secure your seed words properly you will lose access to your funds. That means If they are lost or stolen, no one can help your restore your funds! They will be lost forever!

If you already have a wallet from another crypto, for example, Bitcoin Cash and would prefer to mine Radient and get paid out in Bitcoin Cash, you may do that as well. The section about setting up Wildrig listed below will teach you how to connect your miner, make sure to remember to change the username and password settings to the appropriate wallet when you setup your miner.

Dont forget to setup your account on the exchange XeggeX and get a wallet to sell your coins:


You will need to prepare the folder where you will install the mining software. If you are new to mining and want to try on a windows operating system, please keep in mind that windows anti-virus is incredibly hostile to all forms of mining and will always flag miners as malicious software, even if you have downloaded it from a trusted source such as github. If you find that you are having trouble getting mining software to run on windows, try this workaround:

Press the “windows” key on the taskbar or on your keyboard. Once the menu pulls up, start typing in “exclusions” on your keyboard. The tab will automatically recognize your typing and a page to the windows settings for anti-virus exclusions will appear. Click on this option.

This will take you to the “virus and threat protection” options menu. Under “Virus and threat protection settings” there is a blue link which says “manage settings.” Click this and then scroll down until you find “Exclusions.” Click on the blue link which says “add or remove exclusions”

This will bring up another tab, which has a box with a plus arrow stating “+ add an exclusion” Clicking this gives a drop down selection. Please select the option “Folder.” Now a pop up appears which shows you the entire computer directory. Navigate to the “documents” director and create a new folder by right clicking in the inside area and choosing “new folder.” Name this new folder anything like “mining” and then choose “Select folder” with the option on the bottom right until you have chosen this new folder.

Once you are done you will return to the windows security tab which we were in before and you should now see the new exclusion folder directory path appear. This will allow any program running from this folder to avoid antivirus scans which may affect mining, but not affect the security of the rest of your system.

Another thing to consider doing at this point is taking advantage of a tool known as “O+O Windows Shutup.” This removes certain tasks which windows uses to track you. This adds security to your computer, as well as freeing up a bit of your processor to mine more efficiently that would otherwise be running these tasks.

O+O Windows Shutup for removing windows bloatware:

Now that you have created an area within your files to safely store and run mining software, download wildrig.

(Note: It is entirely possible to mine with both xmrig and wildrig at the same time! See my ghostrider guide for tips on how to setup xmrig for cpu mining)

Setting Up Wildrig:
You may need “7-zip” to extract the file, found here: (Remember to extract to the exclusion folder you created earlier in the guide.)

Right click to Rename one of the available example batch files. Then right click again and “Edit”. Erase the example text and Copy and Paste from the below code instead. Remember to change the YOUR_WORKER_NAME value to your wallet address. This is how the pool knows where to send your rewards for mining. Using these settings will also give you a 40% discount on your pool fees!

Note: Do not mine directly to an exchange!

@echo off


wildrig.exe --print-full --algo sha512256d --url stratum+tcp:// --user YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS --pass c=RXD,refcode=newminerbonus,id=RIGNAME

if ERRORLEVEL 1000 goto custom

timeout /t 5

goto loop

You will also want to change the RIGNAME field to a specific name if you have more than one rig. The c=RXD field is used to designate the payout currency, which is defaulted to Radiant. Be sure to change RXD to the coin you want to get paid out in.

The ,refcode=newminerbonus string is an exclusive code used to save 40% on your pool fees, as a first time new miner of Zergpool!

Once this is complete, hit “File” and “Save as.” Notepad will default the batchfile as a text file, which will not run and instead will just open as a text file. To correct this you must change the “save as type” from .txt to “All files” or the batchfile will not work. (see the example image below)

Remember to “save as” the batch file as “all files”

You can right click on the batch file, send to desktop (shortcut) to create a shortcut link on your desktop to your GPU mining software. Close out of everything and attempt to start the shortcut batch file on your desktop. It should start the Wildrig in a command line box. It may ask you to accept some internet connection settings. The software will spit out a lot of information, so take a few minutes to observe. If everything was configured correctly you should see that your miner has connected to the pool, is hashing and is also sometimes finding shares.

Now that you know the connection and software works, you may want to spend some time to more finely tune your GPU devices.

The best tool to adjust your GPU clockrate on windows would be MSI afterburner:

The ideal settings are to achieve maximum hash rate with the lowest possible voltage, so for example 950 watts on AMD cards, or 85% power limit on Nvidia cards. As well as very low to little memory clock settings. So as little as 600 on amd cards and as little as -800 memclock on nvidia cards. Core clock can see a small boost, but too must boost will result in instability and crashing. Try 1200 core on amds and +100 core on nvidias. I normally suggest around 65% for the fan speed, too much speed can wear out the bearings and make the ambient temperature too hot. This part may require a lot of testing to make perfect.

After you are satisfied with your clocking and are hashing, head over to zergpool and type in your wallet address under the “wallet” tab. You will see a verity of detailed information, primarily your workers and your percentage of shares submitted. Once the pool has found a block, you will earn a share of the rewards!


You made it to the end, great job! You are now mining with your GPU again, maximizing the profitability of your computer’s hardware!

You may even be able to start mining with your CPU for the first time if you checked out my ghostrider guide, as well. Zergpool will allow you to get paid out in Radiant (or any other currency) while mining with your cpu!

Click here to learn how to mine with your CPU as well,
or follow the link below:

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